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Actress Ridhima Pandit Denies Rumours of Dating Cricketer Shubman Gill



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Actress Ridhima Pandit has put an end to recent speculations linking her to cricketer Shubman Gill. The 34-year-old actress firmly denied these rumours, stating that she doesn’t even know Gill.

Pandit, who made her debut in the TV show Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant in 2016, emphasized that she values her professional reputation over sensationalised gossip. She debunked claims of a PR stunt, asserting that she had no interest in creating such false impressions.

Addressing the persistent nature of rumours in the entertainment industry, Pandit expressed her frustration at how quickly misinformation can spread. She mentioned how easily people could be linked to anyone without any basis.

Despite the recent hiatus from the limelight, the actress remains optimistic about her future roles. She disclosed that she hasn’t received any appealing projects yet post her stint on Bigg Boss OTT. However, she is eagerly waiting for opportunities that align with her professional goals.

On her selective approach to projects, Pandit mentioned an upcoming OTT project by filmmaker Neeraj Pandey. She stressed her commitment to meaningful roles and her disinterest in mere fleeting fame. Pandit concluded by affirming her dedication to a long-lasting career in the entertainment industry.

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