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Arsenal Maintain Perfect Start to 2024 with Three Consecutive Wins in the Premier League



Arsenal have had a sensational start to the year 2024, winning all of their Premier League matches so far under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta. Following a disappointing end to 2023, where they suffered back-to-back defeats to West Ham and Fulham, the Gunners faced doubts about their title aspirations. However, they have responded superbly, earning nine points from their opening three games in the league.

In their first match of the year, Arsenal faced a frustrating draw against Liverpool, but quickly turned things around by delivering a resounding 5-0 victory over Crystal Palace. They continued their winning streak by securing a hard-fought 2-1 win against Nottingham Forest away from home, followed by a dominant 3-1 triumph at the Emirates Stadium.

Liverpool, their closest rivals at the top of the table, have also had a solid start, accumulating nine points from four matches in the Premier League. However, they had to endure a defeat along the way, showcasing the competitive nature of the league.

Other notable teams in the mix are Manchester United, who appear to be finding form after a difficult spell. They have garnered seven points in their last three matches, making progress in closing the gap on Aston Villa and Tottenham in the race for a top-four finish.

On the contrary, Chelsea continues to struggle under the management of Mauricio Pochettino. With two losses and only one win in their first three games of the year, the club faces further challenges in regaining their previous form.

Additionally, relegation-threatened teams such as Burnley, Sheffield United, and Nottingham Forest are yet to find their momentum, struggling to accumulate points and move up the table.

Interestingly, Luton Town has emerged as one of the stories of 2024 so far, showcasing determination and resilience in their fight for survival. They have scored an impressive four goals in consecutive matches against Brighton and Newcastle, earning five crucial points.

As the new year progresses, the Premier League standings shape up as follows:

1. Arsenal – 9 points, GD +8

2. Liverpool – 9 points, GD +7 (Played 4)

3. Manchester United – 7 points, GD +4

4. Manchester City – 6 points, GD +3 (Played 2)

5. Luton – 5 points, GD +4

6. Tottenham – 5 points, GD +1

7. Brighton – 4 points, GD -1 (Played 4)

8. Aston Villa – 3 points, GD +3

9. Wolves – 4 points, GD +1

10. Newcastle – 4 points, GD -1 (Played 4)

11. Brentford – 3 points, GD 0 (Played 2)

12. Everton – 3 points, GD 0

13. West Ham – 3 points, GD -3 (Played 4)

14. Chelsea – 3 points, GD -4

15. Crystal Palace – 3 points, GD -7

16. Fulham – 2 points, GD -1

17. Burnley – 2 points, GD -2

18. Bournemouth – 2 points, GD -4

19. Nottingham Forest – 1 point, GD -2

20. Sheffield United – 1 point, GD -6

Rachel Adams

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