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Buckingham Palace Unveils Private Rooms with Dragon Decor in Exclusive Tours



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Buckingham Palace, a site steeped in royal history, is set to unveil previously private rooms in its east wing to the public for exclusive tours at a fee of £75. These rooms have remained closed off for 175 years since their construction.

The rooms behind the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony have been restored and are now adorned with intricate dragon symbols across various artifacts, furniture, and decorations. This dragon-themed decor dates back to the era of George IV and Queen Victoria, who integrated Chinese elements to the palace after selling off George IV’s Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Caroline de Guitaut, a surveyor of the king’s works of art, highlights the significance of the balcony as Prince Albert‘s idea to connect with the people. While visitors cannot physically step onto the balcony, they can catch a glimpse of the Victoria Memorial down the Mall through the net drapes.

The tour includes a visit to the Centre Room, featuring a newly restored lotus flower-shaped glass chandelier and Chinese 18th-century Imperial Silk wall hangings gifted to Queen Victoria by Emperor Guangxu of China.

Another notable room open to the public is the Yellow Drawing Room, known for hosting royal audiences and receptions. Adorned with 18th-century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper sourced by Queen Mary, this room showcases intricate Chinese pagodas and the Kylin clock.

The palace’s interior houses a plethora of royal paintings, including works by notable artists like Gainsborough and William Powell Frith. The corridor in the east wing features a parade of ebonised cabinets and examples of intricate European lacquerwork inspired by east Asian aesthetics.

Tours of the newly opened east wing at Buckingham Palace, a brainchild of King Charles, are limited to groups of 20 people and have already sold out within hours of release. The huge success of these tours reflects the public’s enduring fascination with royal history and the palace’s grandeur.

Rachel Adams

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