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Comedian Hannah Berner: The Rise of a Nontraditional Stand-up Star



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Hannah Berner’s journey as a comedian has been nothing short of unconventional and remarkable. From her days as a promising tennis player at the University of Wisconsin eyeing the Big Ten tournament and dreams of Wimbledon, to becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Berner’s resilience and humor have propelled her to new heights.

After a car accident altered her tennis career trajectory, Berner found solace in comedy. Her venture into digital media at Betches and her stint on the reality TV show Bravo‘s Summer House brought both challenges and opportunities. However, it was her podcast, ‘Berning in Hell,’ that truly paved the way for her comedic ascent.

Despite facing backlash and misunderstandings post-Summer House, Berner turned to stand-up comedy as an outlet to reclaim her voice. Her innate ability to connect with audiences on stage and her relentless pursuit of honing her craft led to a slew of successes, including a comedy special on Netflix titled ‘We Ride at Dawn’.

Married to fellow comedian Des Bishop, Berner’s comedic repertoire touches on various topics, from her personal life to societal observations. Her rise in the comedy scene has earned her accolades such as being named one of Comedy Central’s 10 Comics to Watch.

As she navigates the world of comedy, Berner continues to shine bright with her podcast ‘Giggly Squad,’ co-hosted with Paige DeSorbo, and her upcoming book ‘How to Giggle,’ in collaboration with Simon & Schuster.

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