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Cross-Border Celebrations: A Call for Acknowledgement on Canada Day in America



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As a social commentator reflecting on cross-cultural sentiments, the author expresses a sense of outsider perspective on Twitter, indicating a Canadian background and a critical stance on American democracy.

Annually, on the occasion of July 4, the author muses on the lack of recognition for Canada Day, celebrated on July 1. The author humorously critiques American customs and traditions, pointing out disparities in college expenses, tax systems, and cultural observances.

While acknowledging the complexities of America‘s Independence Day and its historical implications, the author highlights the parallel festivities in Canada, with fireworks, cookouts, and familial debates mirroring American practices but with a subtler approach.

Reflecting on shared histories of colonialism and cultural erasure, the author implores for acknowledgement of Canada’s own troubled past, including the impact of residential schools and Indigenous displacement.

In a lighthearted tone, the author requests simple gestures of recognition from Americans, suggesting culinary exchanges like ketchup chips and Caesars in place of traditional American fare.

Despite the critique, the author extends appreciation for certain American customs, particularly the hot dog culture, hinting at a shared love for certain elements of American tradition.

Rachel Adams

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