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Democratic Senator Attempts to Rally Colleagues to Urge Biden to Exit Presidential Race



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Senator Mark R. Warner of Virginia is reportedly working to gather a group of Democratic senators in an effort to persuade Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, following concerns over his debate performance. According to sources familiar with the matter, Warner believes Biden’s chances against former President Donald Trump are diminishing.

Warner, a key figure in Senate Intelligence Committee, has been privately expressing worries about Biden’s ability to lead a campaign that could outmatch Trump. Although Warner’s spokeswoman declined to confirm the senator’s stance, indicating Warner’s recognition of critical days ahead for the Biden campaign.

Biden, however, remains steadfast in his decision to stay in the race, asserting during a rally in Wisconsin that he is determined to defeat Trump and not let a single debate overshadow his years of work. Despite private concerns raised by some senators, Biden affirmed that he had received encouragement to continue from his interactions with numerous members of Congress.

Amid growing apprehensions among Senate Democrats regarding Biden’s candidacy, discussions involving potential strategies and a possible meeting at the White House to convey concerns directly to Biden are underway. While no Democratic senators have publicly called for Biden to step down, a consensus is emerging that the current situation may be untenable.

Several senators are said to be pondering ways to approach the issue, including the prospect of a meeting with Biden himself. Even though a clear call for Biden’s withdrawal has not been made by sitting senators, a sense of urgency is palpable among the Democratic caucus.

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer reportedly advised senators to hold off on any decisions until more polling data is available to assess the situation accurately. The looming July Fourth holiday and the GOP national convention are factors that could influence the polling landscape in the coming weeks.

As the political dynamics unfold, Warner’s group signals a potential shift in the Democratic strategy towards Biden’s candidacy. The former governor of Virginia, known for his moderate stance and deal-making acumen, appears poised to make a compelling case for reevaluating Biden’s position in the race.

Rachel Adams

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