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Actress Valerie Bertinelli Finds Joy in Indulging After Difficult Years



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Actress Valerie Bertinelli, celebrated for her roles in ‘One Day at a Time‘ and ‘Hot in Cleveland,’ has embarked on a journey of self-discovery through indulgence after facing a series of difficult years.

Bertinelli, known for her vibrant personality on screen, opened up about her struggles, including the loss of her mother Nancy, ex-husband Eddie Van Halen, and more recently, her divorce from Tom Vitale.

In her forthcoming cookbook ‘Indulge,’ Bertinelli shares her newfound perspective on life and food, aiming to reclaim joy and pleasure in every bite.

During a candid conversation, Bertinelli expressed how she had turned away from cooking as she grappled with grief, only to rediscover the kitchen as a healing space for both her body and soul.

‘Indulge’ features a collection of recipes that celebrate the pleasure of eating without guilt, encouraging readers to savor every moment and flavor.

Despite the challenges, Bertinelli finds solace in simple pleasures such as enjoying a crisp apple with homemade peanut butter, showcasing her shift towards a more mindful approach to food.

Her kitchen essentials, including the Breville air fryer and Jura coffee machine, reflect her mantra of cooking without judgment and embracing the comfort of familiar foods.

Bertinelli credits her son Wolfie Van Halen and the music of artists like Billie Eilish for providing inspiration and comfort during tough times.

The actress also addressed the misconceptions surrounding her weight loss journey, emphasizing that her transformation was about releasing emotional pain rather than adhering to societal standards.

In a poignant reflection, Bertinelli reminisced about her relationship with late husband Eddie Van Halen, highlighting the enduring love they shared for their son amid life’s challenges.

Finally, Bertinelli shared her happiness in finding a new romantic relationship, expressing gratitude and joy for the unexpected turn of events in her life.

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