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Alexis Ohanian’s Quest for Serena’s Trading Cards: A Collector’s Journey



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Alexis Ohanian, a prominent businessman, venture capitalist, and sports team owner, has ventured into the world of sports memorabilia with a unique focus on collecting his wife, Serena Williams’, rarest trading cards and collectibles. Ohanian’s journey led him to submit over 7,000 items to the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), with more than 3,000 items in ‘The Serena Collection’ receiving PSA’s Pedigree distinction for private collections of top athletes.

Having grown up collecting cards in the 1990s, Ohanian reignited his passion for the hobby in 2019 when a friend pointed out the resurgence of trading cards. Surprisingly, he found Serena’s cards were undervalued compared to those of other athletes like Anna Kournikova despite Serena’s outstanding career achievements in tennis.

Impressed by his wife’s career titles and Grand Slam wins, Ohanian felt a duty to acquire these overlooked cards both as an investor and a heartfelt gesture towards Serena. His long-term vision extended to securing these cards not only for himself but also for future generations as a lasting legacy.

Ohanian turned to the tech-driven sports card marketplace, Alt, where he enlisted the help of Chris Jackson, the Business Operations Manager. With Ohanian’s funding support, Alt became a crucial partner in his quest to track down and immortalize Serena’s rare trading cards.

Immersed in the hunt for Serena’s cards, Ohanian and Jackson embarked on an all-encompassing treasure hunt. What began as casual searches evolved into late-night sessions strategizing and negotiating deals for rare and coveted Serena cards. Ohanian’s relentless pursuit of these cards showcased his unwavering dedication to building an extensive collection.

Despite his busy schedule hobnobbing with celebrities and attending exclusive events, Ohanian remained committed to expanding his collection. Even during high-profile gatherings like the Met Gala, he found moments to bid on Serena’s cards discreetly, showcasing his passion and dedication to the hobby.

Ohanian’s collection grew rapidly, featuring not only rare Serena cards but also multiple copies of base cards to enhance the treasure trove. His obsession with acquiring every Serena card exemplified his collector’s spirit, surpassing traditional set registry goals to amass a comprehensive collection.

For Ohanian, the pursuit of Serena’s trading cards transcended mere acquisition; it represented a personal quest to preserve his wife’s legacy in the realm of sports memorabilia. His dedication to securing these valuable cards underscored his commitment to honoring Serena’s unparalleled career and achievements on and off the tennis court.

Rachel Adams

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