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American Airlines Eases Pet Policy and Baggage Fees for Travelers



American Airlines Eases Pet Policy And Baggage Fees For Travelers

American Airlines has made significant changes to its pet policy and baggage fees, offering relief to travelers who fly with their furry companions. The Fort Worth-based airline has revised its rules to allow passengers with pets to bring a full-size carry-on at no additional cost. Previously, travelers were restricted to one small item fitting under the seat along with their pet, but this restriction has been lifted.

The adjustment in policy comes after criticism from pet owners who found the previous rules burdensome in terms of costs associated with traveling with pets. Now, travelers can bring both a full-size carry-on and a pet by paying a flat $150 fee, eliminating the additional $35 charge for checking a carry-on bag.

However, the updated policy specifies that passengers are limited to two items on board, allowing either a personal item or a full-size carry-on along with the pet carrier. American Airlines has also laid out specific guidelines regarding the size, age, and destination requirements for cats and dogs eligible to fly in-cabin.

Travel blogger Gary Leff, who initially reported on the change, linked this adjustment to concerns over passengers potentially misidentifying their pets as service animals to avoid fees. American Airlines’ move is seen as a response to this loophole that may have led to inconsistencies in enforcing pet travel fees.

In addition to the pet policy modification, American Airlines recently announced an increase in baggage fees, adding an extra $5 for each checked bag. This hike in fees now brings the cost of checking a bag on domestic flights to $35 for the first bag online or $40 at the airport, with subsequent bags incurring a $45 fee.

With the rising expenses of checking bags, many travelers are opting for carry-on luggage to save on fees. This latest policy update by American Airlines is likely to attract pet owners who seek to minimize costs while flying with their pets.

American Airlines’ pet travel guidelines now emphasize the importance of pets being confined comfortably in a closed or zipped carrier, preventing any undesirable behavior during the flight. The airline also recommends soft-sided kennels for pets, ensuring they are secure, padded, and water-repellant.

Rachel Adams

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