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Anuj Rawat’s Spectacular Fielding Stuns Fans in Bangalore vs Punjab Cricket Match



Anuj Rawat's Spectacular Fielding Stuns Fans In Bangalore Vs Punjab Cricket Match

In a thrilling cricket match between Bangalore and Punjab, wicketkeeper Anuj Rawat left fans in awe with his exceptional fielding skills. The moment of brilliance came during a delivery by Punjab bowler Yash Dayal, as he smashed a powerful shot towards the boundary.

Rawat, stationed behind the stumps, reacted with lightning speed, diving full stretch to his right to grab the ball inches from the ground. The spectators erupted in cheers as Rawat showcased his acrobatic abilities, stopping a sure boundary.

The impressive catch by Rawat left even the Punjab batsman, Sam Karan, stunned as he walked back to the pavilion. The replay of the catch went viral on social media, with fans and experts praising Rawat’s agility and quick reflexes.

Rachel Adams

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