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Atlanta Social Drama ‘A Man in Full’ Falls Short of Promising Cast and Source Material



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In the television adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s sprawling novel ‘A Man in Full,’ screenwriter David E. Kelley brings together a stellar cast led by Jeff Daniels, promising viewers a deep dive into Southern social drama. However, the Netflix limited series falls short of expectations, failing to fully capture the essence of its source material.

Tom Wolfe, known for his journalistic background, penned the original novel ‘A Man in Full’ in 1998 as a rich exploration of wealth, race, and politics. The series, condensed into six episodes, tries to pack too much into its runtime, resulting in a generic and muted take on a larger-than-life American story.

Jeff Daniels steps into the role of Charlie Croker, an Atlanta real estate tycoon whose empire is crumbling. The narrative kicks off abruptly, plunging viewers into a world where Croker’s financial woes come to a head after a lavish birthday celebration featuring a cameo by Shania Twain.

Regina King and Thomas Schlamme share the directorial duties, but despite their pedigree, the visual style of the show feels lacking in specificity and grandeur. ‘A Man in Full’ struggles to strike the right balance between serious drama and Wolfe’s signature humor, leaving viewers with an uneven viewing experience.

The modern-day setting of the series aims to inject contemporary resonance into the story, with subplots touching on a mayoral election and the criminal justice system. However, these elements often feel forced, failing to resonate with the audience.

While Jeff Daniels delivers a strong performance as Croker, the supporting cast, including Diane Lane, Lucy Liu, and Aml Ameen, are underutilized, leaving the character dynamics feeling underdeveloped. The series grapples with relevant social issues but struggles to weave them into a cohesive narrative.

‘A Man in Full’ ultimately falls short of its potential as a character study and a social commentary piece. Despite the star power involved, the series fails to bring its intricate web of characters to life, leaving viewers wanting for more depth and cohesiveness.

Rachel Adams

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