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Bologna Rising: Thiago Motta Praises Team’s Attitude in Serie A Victory



Bologna Rising: Thiago Motta Praises Team's Attitude In Serie A Victory

Bologna’s head coach Thiago Motta commended his team’s commendable attitude following their impressive Serie A victory, highlighting their positive approach as a significant asset to the sport. Bologna secured a convincing win against Udinese, with goals from Riccardo Orsolini, Alexis Saelemaekers, and Charalampos Lykogiannis sealing a crucial result for the team.

This triumph not only solidifies Bologna’s fourth-place position in the Serie A standings but also brings them within touching distance of Juventus, sitting just two points behind the third-placed giants. This proximity to Juventus after 30 Serie A rounds marks a significant achievement for Bologna, a feat not seen since the 1970-71 season.

Reflecting on the team’s recent success, Thiago Motta expressed his pride and satisfaction in their performance. He attributed the victory to the collective effort of the team, stating that the enthusiasm within the squad and among the fans contributed to a well-deserved result. Motta also humorously acknowledged his daughter Sofia’s support, noting her presence in the stands and the good luck message she sent him.

While pleased with the overall performance, Motta called for restraint, particularly highlighting instances of showboating in the second half by players like Saelemaekers and Ferguson. He emphasized the importance of maintaining control when leading by two goals and reassured that discussions with the players had already taken place to address these issues.

Recognizing the depth of the squad and the healthy competition for playing time, Motta credited data analysis and player collaboration for the team’s success. He emphasized the importance of making decisions that benefit the team as a whole, a sentiment echoed by the players who respect his choices.

Noting Bologna’s growing reputation as a captivating team to watch, Motta expressed gratitude for the support from fans and neutrals alike. He believes that Bologna’s style of play is beneficial for football as a whole, fostering unity and enjoyment among spectators. This positive perception of Bologna’s gameplay is a testament to the team’s commitment to entertaining and inclusive football.

In light of Xabi Alonso’s decision to stay at Bayer Leverkusen despite interest from top clubs, Motta praised his colleague’s choice and wished him the best. Acknowledging Alonso’s unbeaten record as a coach this season, Motta reiterated his respect for the decisions made by fellow professionals in the industry.

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