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Canva Acquires Serif, Bringing Affinity Software Under Its Wing



Canva Acquires Serif, Bringing Affinity Software Under Its Wing

In a surprising move, Canva has acquired Serif, the company behind the renowned Affinity suite of professional creative software, signaling a significant shift in the digital design landscape. The acquisition brings with it a wealth of possibilities, as highlighted by Affinity’s CEO, Ashley Hewson, who expresses great excitement about this new chapter.

Serif, known for its award-winning range of software for PC since 1987, transitioned to developing next-generation apps for Mac, Windows, and iPad. The Affinity suite, comprising apps like Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher, has garnered widespread acclaim for its quality, speed, and accessibility.

Affinity Version 2, a recent release, represents a complete overhaul of the suite, introducing new features and a revamped user interface for enhanced creative workflows. This development aligns with Serif’s mission of providing powerful yet affordable tools to the creative community.

Based in Nottingham, UK, Serif’s acquisition by Canva joins the ranks of other European companies like Flourish, Kaleido, SmartMockups, Pexels, Pixabay, and SlidesCarnival under Canva’s umbrella, consolidating Canva’s presence in the design industry.

Ashley Hewson, Affinity’s CEO, expresses gratitude for the support received over the years and reassures users that the core values of Affinity remain unchanged. The partnership with Canva, a company with a similar ethos of design democratization, promises an exciting future for Affinity products.

One key question raised by this acquisition is how the subscription-based model of Canva will mesh with Affinity’s no-subscription approach. While Hewson affirms no immediate changes to pricing, the potential for future alterations looms, considering the industry’s subscription trend.

The union of Canva and Serif signifies a shared vision of making design accessible to all. With Canva’s resources, Hewson believes Affinity can reach new heights, bringing innovative possibilities to users worldwide.

Rachel Adams

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