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Controversy Erupts Over Best Dressed Female Award to Crossdresser at Movie Premiere



Controversy Erupts Over Best Dressed Female Award To Crossdresser At Movie Premiere

Controversy has been sparked following the awarding of the ‘Best Dressed Female’ accolade to popular crossdresser Bobrisky at a glamorous movie premiere in Lagos. The event, which took place over the weekend, saw Bobrisky stand out among the female attendees and walk away with a cash prize of N1 million.

Reacting to the decision, Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa took to her Instagram to express her disapproval of the award. In a video message, Amusa criticized the judges for choosing a crossdresser as the best dressed female, labeling it as a ‘mockery of the women present’ at the premiere.

Amusa questioned the criteria used by the judges and raised concerns about how the recognition of Bobrisky as the best dressed female undermined the efforts of all the other women who attended the event.

In a separate reaction, music artist Portable also voiced his dissatisfaction with the judges’ decision. Portable highlighted that Bobrisky, being a transgender individual, should not have been considered in the same category as women. He argued that despite any surgeries Bobrisky may have undergone, he is still biologically male and should not have been eligible for the female-centric award.

Portable went on to threaten Bobrisky, stating that he would confront him for ‘disgracing’ men by accepting the award meant for women. In response to Portable’s remarks, Bobrisky took to his Instagram story, warning Portable to desist from dragging him and threatening to take action against him if he continued.

The back-and-forth between the involved parties has fueled further debate on social media, with opinions divided on the appropriateness of awarding a crossdresser the title of best dressed female at a high-profile event.

Rachel Adams

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