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Delhi Airport Terminal Roof Collapse Leads to Tragic Deaths and Injuries Amid Heavy Rains



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Times News Global Featured Image

Tragedy struck at Delhi‘s Indira Gandhi International Airport as a heavy rainfall led to the partial collapse of the roof of Terminal 1. This incident resulted in at least one fatality, as confirmed by civil aviation minister K Ram Mohan Naidu. The collapse occurred in the early hours of Friday, prompting authorities to evacuate the terminal and cancel flights until 2pm. The director of Delhi Fire Services, Atul Garg, reported multiple injuries in the domestic departure area of the terminal.

The collapsed terminal primarily serves domestic flights, catering to airlines like IndiGo and SpiceJet. Images broadcast from the scene depicted a taxi crushed under debris at the entrance of the terminal. The collapse was attributed to heavy rain hitting the airport at 5 am. Emergency responders swiftly provided aid to those affected by the incident.

The airport area received a substantial amount of rainfall, with about 148.5mm recorded over a three-hour span in the early morning. This rainfall exceeded the average for the entire month of June, according to India‘s weather office. The collapse occurred following a recent refurbishment project at the airport, inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi as part of his infrastructure initiatives.

Following the tragic event, an investigation has been initiated into the circumstances surrounding the roof collapse at Terminal 1. Opposition leaders, including Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from the Congress party, criticized the Prime Minister for prioritizing inauguration events without ensuring construction safety measures. The incident has reignited concerns about construction standards and safety in the country.

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