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DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Shakes Up Live Nation’s Ticketing Empire



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The Department of Justice is on the brink of filing a lawsuit against Live Nation and its subsidiary Ticketmaster, accusing them of violating antitrust laws. This legal action is poised to have significant implications for the ticket sales market, impacting how Americans purchase and resell tickets for concerts and sporting events.

The key concern prompting this lawsuit is the alleged monopolistic control that Live Nation and Ticketmaster exert over the ticket sale industry. The DOJ is specifically targeting practices such as venue exclusivity contracts, which require venues to use Ticketmaster as the sole ticket sales platform. Additionally, contractual restrictions limiting or prohibiting ticket resale are under scrutiny.

According to the American Antitrust Institute, Ticketmaster reportedly employs coercive tactics, such as threatening venues with loss of events if they do not comply with using Ticketmaster. This has raised red flags for regulators and elected officials, especially given Live Nation’s deep ties to the sports industry through its ownership by Liberty Media.

The sports ticketing landscape is different from concert ticketing due to factors like season tickets, increased reliance on ticket resale, and direct sales to brokers by sports teams. Nevertheless, any disruption in the broader ticketing market resulting from this lawsuit could have ripple effects for sports fans as well.

The DOJ’s interest in Live Nation intensified after Taylor Swift fans experienced chaos during the Eras Tour ticket sale, facing issues like invalid codes, website crashes, and high processing fees. This incident sparked congressional hearings and lawsuits, with critics alleging that Ticketmaster’s dominant market position led to subpar service and consumer harm.

Despite the presence of competitors like StubHub and Eventbrite, Ticketmaster reportedly commands over 70% of the ticketing and live events market. The 2010 merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster, approved by the DOJ with conditions, consolidated significant power in the hands of a single entity spanning various facets of the entertainment industry.

Live Nation’s Chief Financial Officer, Joe Berchtold, has vocally defended the company while signaling willingness to make changes to avoid a DOJ lawsuit. He contends that a breakup of Live Nation and Ticketmaster would not be legally justified, asserting that the company is prepared to defend its position.

In response to potential antitrust claims, Live Nation maintains that Ticketmaster’s market dominance is based on merit, citing quality differentials with competitors. The company argues that it does not directly control ticket prices and has adopted measures to enhance transparency, security, and consumer experience.

Rachel Adams

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