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Elbow Frontman Guy Garvey Shares His Top 11 Favorite Albums



Elbow Frontman Guy Garvey Shares His Top 11 Favorite Albums

Music aficionados and fans of the iconic Manchester band Elbow were treated to a rare insight into the eclectic taste of the band’s frontman, Guy Garvey, as he recently unveiled his top 11 favorite albums.

Among the diverse selection, which includes the band’s latest release, AUDIO VERTIGO, Garvey highlights Jolie Holland’s raw and unfiltered ‘Catalpa’ and the classic ‘There’s a Riot Goin On’ by Sly and the Family Stone.

Not shying away from modern sounds, Garvey’s list features contemporary gems like Here We Go Magic’s ‘A Different Ship’ and the underappreciated ‘Sky at Night’ by I Am Kloot.

Garvey’s appreciation for Manchester roots shines through with iconic albums like R.E.M.’s ‘Murmur’ and Doves’ ‘Lost Souls,’ showcasing the deep influence of his hometown on his musical journey.

The eclectic selection also includes jazz legend Duke Ellington’s ‘Far East Suite’ and the experimental elegance of Melody’s Echo Chamber’s self-titled debut album.

Throughout the list, Garvey’s penchant for lyricism and storytelling is evident, with nods to Joni Mitchell’s heartfelt ‘For the Roses’ and Tom Waits‘ whimsical ‘Frank’s Wild Years.’

From indie rock to jazz and soul, Garvey’s top 11 albums offer a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of influences that have shaped his musical identity and that of Elbow.

Rachel Adams

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