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Former ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Nick Mavar Passes Away at 59



Former team member of the popular reality series ‘Deadliest Catch,’ Nick Mavar, has passed away at the age of 59, as confirmed by the Bristol Bay Borough Police Department in Alaska.

Mavar, renowned for his role as a deckhand on the ‘Northwestern‘ fishing vessel seen on the Channel show, appeared in a total of 98 episodes across its initial 17 seasons. His participation extended to various spin-offs of ‘Deadliest Catch’ like ‘Deadliest Catch: Legends Born & Broken’ and ‘Deadliest Catch: Evolution of Danger.’

After facing a health scare while filming in December 2020, Mavar had to depart from the show due to a cancer diagnosis resulting from a ruptured appendix. This event later led to a legal dispute in which Mavar sought damages of $1 million from boat owner Sig Hansen, alleging negligence in providing timely medical intervention during the pandemic.

The lawsuit, originally targeting Hansen, eventually shifted towards ‘Deadliest Catch’s’ production company, alleging unsafe protocols were implemented, delaying Mavar’s treatment. The defendants, however, refuted these claims, asserting that Mavar held partial responsibility for the circumstances leading to his illness.

Prior to this incident, Mavar had encountered another on-screen mishap during a fierce storm showcased on Discovery Channel’s platform. A loose hook struck Mavar in the face, causing a broken nose. Despite these challenges, Mavar continued to be a resilient member of the cast and crew.

Following over a decade of involvement with the show, Mavar transitioned to captaining his own salmon boat in Bristol Bay. The news of his demise has evoked an outpouring of condolences on social media platforms, with fans expressing their sorrow over the loss of the beloved ‘Deadliest Catch’ star.

Survived by his wife Julie, Mavar leaves behind a legacy of dedication to the fishing industry and a significant contribution to the reality TV realm through his memorable appearances on ‘Deadliest Catch.’ His passing marks a poignant moment for both his family and the show’s loyal viewers, who will remember him for his enduring spirit and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Rachel Adams

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