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Former Mining Baron Janardhana Reddy Rejoins BJP Ahead of 2024 Polls



Former Mining Baron Janardhana Reddy Rejoins Bjp Ahead Of 2024 Polls

Former Mining Baron and MLA Janardhana Reddy has officially merged his party, Kalyana Rajya Pragathi Paksha, with the BJP ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. This move marks his reentry into the BJP after a hiatus of over a decade. Reddy, along with his wife Aruna Lakshmi and followers, rejoined the BJP in the presence of veteran leaders BS Yediyurappa and B Y Vijayendra.

Despite formally parting ways with the BJP ahead of the previous Assembly elections, Reddy’s return is touted as a significant development for the party, especially in the Ballari region. During the merger, Reddy emphasized that his decision to join the BJP was unconditional and aimed at supporting the dream of many to see Narendra Modi re-elected as Prime Minister.

Reddy’s union with the BJP comes after a series of meetings with key party leaders, including Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who reportedly invited Reddy to Delhi and encouraged him to integrate his party with the BJP. Expressing his admiration for Modi‘s leadership, Reddy stressed his commitment to working as an ordinary party worker without any expectations of a position.

Welcoming Reddy back into the BJP fold, party State President B Y Vijayendra credited the merger with boosting the party’s strength, particularly in the Kalyana Karnataka region. The move is viewed as a strategic step to reinforce support for Modi’s leadership and secure a strong performance in the upcoming elections.

Notably, besides Reddy, Thomas John, son of former Congress Minister T John, also joined the BJP on the same day, underscoring a significant shift in political alignments ahead of the polls. Reddy’s re-entry into the BJP is seen as a potential game-changer in Karnataka’s political landscape, especially in the mining-rich areas, where his influence remains palpable.

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