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Hackers Targeting Shein Customers with Phishing Scams



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Online fashion giant Shein is facing a new wave of cyber threats as hackers employ sophisticated phishing tactics to target its millions of customers. Security researchers at Harmony Email have uncovered a disturbing trend where cybercriminals are impersonating Shein in fraudulent emails in an attempt to steal user credentials.

Despite being downloaded more frequently than big brands like Nike and Adidas, Shein’s popularity has made it a prime target for scammers looking to exploit its vast user base. Recent reports have shed light on the company’s poor human rights record, adding to its challenges in maintaining a secure online environment.

One of the latest phishing attempts involves fake emails claiming to be from Shein customer service with subject lines like ‘Order Verification SHEIN.’ These emails falsely suggest that recipients have won a mystery box from Shein, prompting them to click on malicious links that lead to credential harvesting websites.

Security experts warn that these phishing emails are designed to create a sense of urgency and excitement, luring unsuspecting users into giving away their personal information. By leveraging the trusted Shein brand name, hackers aim to gain victims’ trust and increase the chances of successful credential theft.

Harmony Email researchers have identified over 1,000 of these fraudulent emails targeting Shein customers in the past month alone. The attacks highlight the need for users to remain vigilant and skeptical of unsolicited emails, especially those claiming to offer prizes or rewards.

Rachel Adams

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