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Hollywood Actress Riley Keough Ventures into True Crime in Hulu Limited Series



Hollywood actress and producer Riley Keough undertook a challenging role in Hulu‘s limited true crime series, ‘Under the Bridge,’ delving into the sensitive story of the 1997 murder of Reena Virk, portrayed by Vritika Gupta, in Saanich Core, British Columbia.

The plot revolves around the events following Reena’s disappearance after attending a party near the ominous Craigflower Bridge, leading to a gripping narrative that Keough carefully approached with the intention of making a meaningful impact.

Keough takes on the character of Rebecca Godfrey, a role inspired by the real-life journalist who authored a book of the same title, further deepening the layers of the series’ storyline.

‘Under the Bridge’ sees Rebecca teaming up with a police officer, played by Lily Gladstone, to investigate the brutal assault, offering a complex blend of themes that Keough found both challenging and intriguing.

In her preparation for the role, Keough immersed herself in Godfrey’s writings, drawing inspiration from the original source material to embody the character with depth and authenticity, despite not having the opportunity to meet the real Rebecca Godfrey personally.

Keough credits showrunners Quinn Shephard and Samir Mehta for their openness in exploring the nuances of the story, embracing the gray areas and avoiding simplistic black-and-white interpretations of the events, which resonated deeply with the actress.

Fascinated by the ensemble aspect of ‘Under the Bridge,’ Keough found the dynamic interplay between characters, particularly that of Rebecca and Lily Gladstone’s Cam Bertland, the investigating officer with a shared history, to be a highlight of the series, offering multiple viewpoints on the tragic murder.

Moving beyond her acting career, Keough is venturing into directing after her debut film, ‘War Pony,’ was well-received. While she remains patient and deliberate in her directorial pursuits, Keough hints at being halfway through a new film project, currently in the writing phase, indicating her commitment to further exploring her creative talents beyond acting.

The podcast conversation further reveals Keough’s dedication to artistic authenticity and her unwavering commitment to meaningful storytelling, setting her apart as a versatile talent in the industry.

Rachel Adams

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