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Iowa Celebrates April Fools’ Day with Wacky Pranks and Teases



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The lively spirit of April Fools’ Day brought forth a wave of wacky pranks and humorous teases throughout Iowa, as reported by the Des Moines Register. Among the creative jests were from iconic venues like the Iowa State Fair, known for its extravagant displays and unique contests.

At the Iowa State Fair, an amusing teaser about a new butter-eating contest circulated, drawing attention with a photo of a person biting into a chunk of butter. Additionally, there were playful mentions of possibly allowing horses to enter the mullet contest and the concept of a ‘Bring your own Corndog Day,’ all in good jest.

The confusion surrounding Iowa State’s mascot, Cy, representing the Cyclones sports teams, was humorously addressed on April 1. The athletics department announced Cy’s newfound mascot buddy, Cynado, attempting to dispel any uncertainties in a light-hearted manner.

Dough Co. Pizza, acclaimed for its delectable offerings, introduced a comical April Fools’ Day deal featuring a massive 26-inch-long mega slice of pizza for adventurous customers. Priced at $33 for cheese and $38 for toppings, this oversized slice was a one-day-only novelty enticing pizza enthusiasts.

Amid the festivities, the Wilson College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa embraced the prankster spirit. Dean Leslie Wilson playfully engaged with students by carrying a precarious tower of boxes, seemingly ready to topple on unsuspecting passersby, only for the boxes to miraculously regain balance in a playful act.

Thelma’s, renowned for its scrumptious ice cream sandwiches, added a twist to its menu with the introduction of sandwich sauces inspired by their signature ice cream sandwich flavors. Offering a unique condiment option for burger lovers, Thelma’s showcased its innovative take on fusing desserts with savory delights.

Rachel Adams

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