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IPL 2024: Orange and Purple Cap Sponsorship Dilemma Raises Questions



Ipl 2024: Orange And Purple Cap Sponsorship Dilemma Raises Questions

Following Virat Kohli‘s standout performance against Punjab Kings in Bengaluru, the topic of the unsponsored Orange and Purple Cap in IPL 2024 has come under the spotlight. Kohli’s statement about not playing for caps sparked further interest in the matter.

Unusually, the Orange and Purple Cap sponsorship slots remain unsold in the prestigious Indian Premier League. This lack of sponsorship is rare in an event where every slot is usually filled with eager sponsors. The situation with these unsponsored categories raises questions about the current state of the IPL’s sponsorship affairs.

Recent editions of the IPL have seen a surge in revenue from central sponsorship, bringing in over ₹1000 crore annually. However, in IPL 2024, the league has witnessed a shortfall of approximately ₹200 crore in revenue. With some categories unsold, the BCCI is facing a new challenge.

Key sponsors like Tata and My11Circle have ensured a steady income stream. Still, the absence of sponsors for the Orange and Purple Cap awards, along with the Umpire’s partner slot, has left a dent in the IPL’s commercial image.

While IPL franchises explore unconventional sponsorship avenues, like ice cream and water bottle partners, the league is missing out on potential long-term partnerships. Categories like the Orange and Purple Cap might benefit from a modern approach that aligns better with today’s data-driven T20 cricket landscape.

Individual awards like the Orange and Purple Cap have been criticized for prioritizing individual stats over team performance. The quest for meaningful and impact-oriented sponsorships in cricket continues.

Retrospectively, the IPL could consider reevaluating the asking price for these sponsorship slots, especially in a market where alternative, more budget-friendly deals are on the table. The dynamics of sports sponsorships are evolving, and the IPL must adapt to stay relevant.

Rachel Adams

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