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Major Collapse of Baltimore Key Bridge Shocks Viewers



Major Collapse Of Baltimore Key Bridge Shocks Viewers

Viewers were left shocked by the coverage of the dramatic collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge on BBC Breakfast, as host Sally Nugent mistakenly described the bridge as ‘partially’ collapsed when in reality it had completely crashed into the river. Co-host Jon Kay also expressed astonishment at the footage of the bridge crumbling.

During the morning show, Sally and Jon broke the news of the major incident in Baltimore, Maryland, where a large container ship collided with the iconic Key Bridge. The terrifying images captured the bridge snapping and falling into the river, causing widespread alarm.

Sally initially reported, ‘We are just going to bring you some images that have come in while we have been on air this morning of a bridge that has partially collapsed in Baltimore in Maryland. Just watch this.’ Jon added, ‘Shocking images.’

However, viewers quickly noticed Sally’s error in describing the severity of the collapse, with social media buzzing over her use of the term ‘partially.’ Many viewers pointed out the obvious complete destruction of the bridge in the images shown during the broadcast.

The Baltimore Fire Department, led by Director of Communications Kevin Cartwright, responded to the emergency caused by the ship’s collision with the bridge. The immediate aftermath saw the ship catching fire and sinking, with reports of people and cargo hanging precariously from the remains of the structure.

Mr. Cartwright emphasized the urgent need for rescue efforts, stating, ‘This is a dire emergency. Our focus right now is trying to rescue and recover these people.’ The situation was declared a ‘developing mass casualty event’ as responders worked tirelessly to locate and aid those affected by the collapse.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott and Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. were quick to reassure the public that emergency personnel were on scene, conducting rescue operations and providing support to those involved in the tragic incident. The Maryland Transportation Authority also issued traffic alerts as all lanes on I-695 Key Bridge were closed, with detours in place to manage the road closure.

Rachel Adams

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