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Nick Riewoldt Escapes Near-Death Encounter with Rattlesnake on Ranch in the US



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Nick Riewoldt, the former St Kilda star, recently faced a harrowing experience on his American ranch when he narrowly escaped a deadly encounter with a rattlesnake, highlighting the challenges of adapting to ranch life in the US. Riewoldt, who now resides in Texas with his wife Catherine and children, shared the heart-pounding incident on the Footy Talk podcast hosted by Leigh Montagna.

Recounting the events, Riewoldt humorously mentioned that he ‘s*** himself’ after unknowingly stepping on the snake during a routine outdoor activity on the Easter weekend with his family. While casually seeking a piece of wood for the fire, Riewoldt’s brush with the venomous creature caught him off guard.

‘I went out to get a piece of wood to chuck it on the fire, it was dark outside. Being the ranch type I am, I felt pretty confident in my surrounds. I walked out and I was looking for the light switch and I was walking along this wall and I looked down and I had trodden on something, couldn’t quite figure out what it was till it started going tsk tsk tsk… it was a bloody rattlesnake.’

The footy legend expressed his sheer terror at the close call, revealing that the snake had slithered away without striking him despite his barefoot encounter. Reflecting on the incident, Riewoldt admitted, ‘Somehow it didn’t strike and slithered off. I absolutely lost it. I don’t think I’ve ever shivered myself that hard in my life.’

After relocating to the US in 2022, Riewoldt has been embracing ranch life with his family, but the recent snake encounter served as a stark reminder of the dangers in his new environment. The renowned sports analyst temporarily put his media career on pause to enjoy this adventure with his loved ones.

Fans have been missing Riewoldt’s charismatic presence on screens, where he shared valuable insights alongside colleagues such as Jonathan Brown, Kath Loughnan, and Nathan Buckley. Despite the distance, Riewoldt hinted at a potential return to Melbourne in the future, affirming that the family ‘has every intention of coming back’ but indicating that their final decision remains uncertain as they navigate upcoming choices.

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