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Nivin Pauly’s ‘Malayalee From India’ Fails to Deliver Despite Promising Premise



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Malayalam cinema star Nivin Pauly’s much-anticipated film ‘Malayalee From India’ fails to live up to expectations despite a promising premise. Directed by the talent behind ‘Jana Gana Mana’, the movie sees Pauly teaming up with actor Dhyan Sreenivasan in a dramedy set in the backdrop of Kerala.

The story follows Gopi, played by Nivin Pauly, a carefree individual from Mullakara, Kerala, whose antics often land him in trouble with his best friend Malghosh, portrayed by Dhyan Sreenivasan. Amidst political campaigns and cricket matches, a series of events spiral out of control, leading Gopi to flee his village and find himself in the Middle East during the Covid pandemic.

As the narrative unfolds, the film attempts to address various social issues such as communal politics and religious manipulation by politicians. However, the execution falters due to a poorly written script by Sharis Mohammed. The story lacks coherence, jumping erratically between different themes without a seamless transition, ultimately undermining the impactful messages the filmmakers aim to convey.

Nivin Pauly, known for his charismatic performances, struggles to breathe life into the disjointed storyline. Despite his earnest portrayal of Gopi, the film falters in maintaining a strong grip on the audience’s attention. The chemistry between Pauly and Sreenivasan shines through in comedic moments but fails to salvage the overall impact of ‘Malayalee From India’.

With glimpses of political commentary and societal issues, the film suffers from a lack of depth and direction. From the serene locales of Kerala to the arid landscapes of the Middle East, the plot meanders without a clear trajectory, leaving the audience yearning for a more cohesive narrative.

Rachel Adams

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