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Pope Francis to Explore Venice Art Biennale Pavilion during Pastoral Visit



Pope Francis To Explore Venice Art Biennale Pavilion During Pastoral Visit

The Vatican has unveiled the detailed schedule for the upcoming pastoral visit of Pope Francis to the enchanting city of Venice on April 28. As per the announcement by the Holy See Press Office, the Pontiff is set to embark on a one-day journey to the northern Italian city.

Upon arrival by helicopter, the Pope is expected to land within the confines of Giudecca Women’s Prison, where he will be warmly received by Venetian Patriarch Francesco Moraglia and a group of notable Italian dignitaries, marking the commencement of his eventful day.

The primary focus of his visit to the prison involves engaging with approximately 80 incarcerated women in the institution’s courtyard, followed by a significant rendezvous with artists inside the prison’s chapel. The Pope will also take a glimpse at the Holy See’s Pavilion at the renowned 60th International Art Exhibition – better known as the Venice Biennale, which carries the poignant theme of human rights and marginalized individuals.

Post his interactions with the artistic community, Pope Francis will make a transition from Giudecca Island by seaborne transport to the revered Basilica of St. Mary of Good Health. Here, he will engage with young individuals hailing from the Dioceses of Venice and Veneto, embodying a moment of shared dialogue and reflection.

Subsequently, the Pope will cross over a bridge into the iconic St. Mark’s Square, where a formal reception awaits him, graced by the president of the Veneto Region alongside the Prefect and Mayor of Venice.

The apex of his visit is anticipated at 11 AM, as Pope Francis leads a Holy Mass within the historic confines of St. Mark’s Square, culminating with the recitation of the traditional midday Marian prayer, the Regina Coeli, in honor of the Easter Season.

Concluding the Mass, the Pontiff is slated to enter the esteemed Basilica of St. Mark to pay homage to the relics of the Saint before boarding a maritime conveyance bound for the picturesque St. Elena Island. His brief sojourn there will pave the way for his return journey to the Vatican by helicopter, scheduled for approximately 2:30 PM.

Rachel Adams

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