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Rebel Wilson Names Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘Asshole’ Trying to Block Memoir Release



Rebel Wilson Names Sacha Baron Cohen As 'asshole' Trying To Block Memoir Release

Rebel Wilson, the Australian actress, has unveiled the identity of the Hollywood celebrity allegedly attempting to hinder the release of her upcoming memoir.

Last week, Wilson took to Instagram to tease a chapter in her book dedicated to a ‘massive asshole’ from her Hollywood past, withholding the person’s name but hinting at their disruptive behavior.

Wilson expressed her firm stance on working with difficult personalities, particularly after an unpleasant experience she had with a certain individual, leading her to implement a strict ‘no assholes policy.’

The reveal from Wilson comes just ahead of the global launch of her memoir, ‘Rebel Rising,’ set for release in various formats by Simon & Schuster on April 2.

In a recent social media post, Wilson sounded off against the unnamed star for employing crisis PR management and legal threats to impede the publication of her book, determined to share her truth regardless of obstacles.

Over the weekend, Rebel Wilson took to Instagram Stories once more, unmasking Sacha Baron Cohen, her fellow co-star from the 2016 film ‘Grimsby,’ as the individual she accuses of trying to thwart her literary venture.

Wilson and Baron Cohen shared the screen in the comedy ‘Grimsby,’ alongside Mark Strong and Penélope Cruz, with the film revolving around a football hooligan turned spy played by Baron Cohen.

Rebel Wilson had previously hinted at discord during the filming of ‘Grimsby,’ recounting moments where she felt uncomfortable due to requests from Cohen that she found inappropriate.

Among Wilson’s anecdotes, she shared instances where Cohen pushed her to film nude scenes and perform actions not originally scripted, leading to tensions between the two cast members.

Despite the reported friction, Wilson negotiated alternative scenes with Cohen during the production of ‘Grimsby,’ showcasing a blend of collaboration and conflict within the entertainment industry.

The recent revelation by Wilson has put a spotlight on the dynamics of working relationships in Hollywood, shedding light on behind-the-scenes struggles faced by actors during movie productions.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Sacha Baron Cohen’s representatives for comment on the allegations made by Rebel Wilson.

Rachel Adams

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