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Remembering Caroline March: A Tribute to a Bright Star in British Eventing



Remembering Caroline March: A Tribute To A Bright Star In British Eventing

British eventing has lost a vibrant star with the passing of Caroline March on March 23rd, just a month after she celebrated her 31st birthday. Caroline, a beloved figure in the eventing community, was known for her spirited personality and deep passion for the sport that she pursued with unwavering dedication over the years.

Competing in events up to the four-star level, Caroline’s journey in the sport was tragically altered by a career-ending injury at Burnham Market in 2022. Despite this setback, she continued to contribute to the eventing world through her work with young horses, setting new standards of excellence in her endeavors.

On the artistic front, Caroline also delved into photography, capturing the essence of eventers through her lens. Her skill and creativity in this realm quickly gained her recognition as a professional in the field.

Caroline’s impact extended far beyond her accomplishments in eventing; her warm spirit and genuine passion touched the lives of many. Her decision to peacefully end her life on her own terms is a poignant reminder of her autonomy and courage.

An emotional tribute video has been shared, encapsulating Caroline’s vibrant essence and the mark she left on those around her. While her departure leaves a void in the hearts of many, her legacy as a determined and authentic individual will forever be cherished.

The eventing community, friends, and family of Caroline March mourn her loss and celebrate the light she brought into their lives. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of resilience, passion, and the importance of staying true to oneself in all circumstances.

Rachel Adams

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