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Roxane Bruneau’s Shopping Mishap: From Youthful Flattery to Wikipedia Frustration



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Times News Global Featured Image

Canadian singer Roxane Bruneau recently shared a humorous anecdote on her Instagram stories about a shopping outing gone awry.

Bruneau, known for her candid and quirky personality, had set out on a shopping trip to buy a pack of cigarettes for a friend.

Upon reaching the cashier at the first store, she was asked to show her identification to make the purchase, a request that oddly left her feeling flattered.

Comforted by the assumption that she appeared younger than her age, Bruneau jokingly exclaimed, ‘So you think I’m young??’ in response to the age verification.

Unable to complete the purchase without her ID on hand, she proceeded to a second store to try her luck.

At the second store, the scenario repeated itself: Bruneau was once again asked for identification, but this time, she had it ready – which led to an unexpected discovery.

To her dismay, as she pulled out her phone to show ID, she noticed her Wikipedia page displayed a less-than-flattering picture of herself, triggering a wave of frustration.

Expressing her incredulity, she remarked, ‘Out of all the photos from the start of my career, this is the one you chose for my Wikipedia?’ and humorously added, ‘This photo doesn’t scream Wikipedia artist, it screams Allô Police accomplice!’

Refusing to show the unflattering Wikipedia image to the cashier as proof of identification, Bruneau’s frustration mounted as she realized the uncanny situation she found herself in.

After pleading with her followers via her Instagram stories to change the image on her Wikipedia page, a kind-hearted follower obliged, replacing the photo with a more professional one that Bruneau had shared earlier.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Bruneau’s shopping misadventure ended on a lighter note, leaving her grateful for the loyal fans who swiftly came to her aid in rectifying the Wikipedia blunder.

Rachel Adams

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