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South African School Boy Impresses with Perfect Impersonation of Big Brother Mzansi’s Biggie



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A video of a South African school boy showcasing his impressive skills by mimicking the iconic voice of Biggie from Big Brother Mzansi has taken social media by storm.

Shared on TikTok by user @aqhama_dayimani, the clip features the young talent performing a pitch-perfect rendition of Big Brother’s distinctive voice much to the delight of his peers and staff members at the school.

The schoolboy was captured entertaining the crowd from a rustic, makeshift stage with his spot-on imitation, garnering thunderous applause and cheers from onlookers.

In the viral video, the boy also displayed his versatile talent by mimicking the voice of Nkunzi from the popular South African TV show, Uzalo, which airs on SABC 1.

The impressive performance quickly garnered over 1.5 million views on TikTok and received more than 120,000 comments, with many praising the boy for his incredible vocal skills.

Fans of Big Brother Mzansi and Lawrence Maleka, the host of the show, have also lauded the youngster’s talent, suggesting that he could have a future as a voice-over artist.

Responding to the video, one TikTok user humorously commented, ‘Big Brother must give you that R2 million,’ referring to the grand prize up for grabs in the current season of the show.

Notably, earlier this year, a viewer had raised concerns about the change in Biggie’s voice on Big Brother Mzansi, prompting host Lawrence Maleka to address the feedback and ensure the voice was adjusted according to viewers’ preferences.

Rachel Adams

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