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Texas Spectrum Customers Face Internet Outage After Hurricane Impact



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On Tuesday, July 9, Spectrum customers in Texas encountered widespread internet outages following the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl. Around 1 p.m. CT, Spectrum officially acknowledged the service disruptions.

Customers in cities such as Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso experienced slow internet speeds throughout the day before the services eventually cut out completely around noon. The outage also impacted areas like Dallas, Houston, New Braunfels, and Round Rock, affecting a significant number of users.

Responding to irate customers, Spectrum took to its social media platforms to address the issue. The company attributed the outage to a third-party infrastructure issue caused by the impact of Hurricane Beryl. Spectrum assured customers that they were working diligently to resolve the problem efficiently.

As frustrations mounted, individuals sought answers and updates on when the services were expected to be restored. Many customers voiced their discontent, calling for faster resolutions and better communication from Spectrum regarding the outage.

During the day, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office provided some insight into the situation, mentioning that a tower in Houston had been impacted by the storm, leading to internet service disruptions across the region. Facebook users also highlighted the damage to Spectrum’s undersea fiber optic cable in Houston as a significant factor in the statewide outage.

Reports indicated that technicians were actively working on resolving the outages across various locations in Texas. Despite reassurances from Spectrum, the outage continued to inconvenience customers, impacting their ability to work, study, and stay informed.

Meanwhile, a service outage map generated by illustrated the widespread nature of the issue, with customers in multiple states experiencing disruptions in their Spectrum services. The company’s internet, video, and phone customers were all affected by the outage.

Customers attempting to seek assistance through Spectrum’s customer support faced challenges, with high call volumes leading to difficulties in reaching the company. Spectrum informed customers that services were expected to be restored by 5 p.m., urging patience as they worked towards a resolution.

Rachel Adams

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