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Tony Bennett’s Daughters Sue Brother Over Mishandling of Father’s Estate



Tony Bennett‘s legacy is at the center of a legal dispute as his daughters, Antonia and Johanna Bennett, file a lawsuit against their brother D’Andrea «Danny» Bennett. The lawsuit, lodged in New York, alleges discrepancies in the handling and disclosure of assets from the recent sale of Tony Bennett’s catalog and image rights to Iconoclast.

The court filing reveals concerns about transparency in the transaction, indicating that crucial details have not been shared with the siblings despite multiple requests for clarity. Danny Bennett, the family trust manager, stands accused of failing to provide a comprehensive account of the assets involved in the deal, raising suspicions surrounding the sale.

Notably, the lawsuit implicates Danny Bennett in benefiting personally from transactions involving memorabilia linked to Tony Bennett, the family trust, and Benedetto Arts LLC. The legal action also involves Daegal «Dae» Bennett and Tony’s widow, Susan Benedetto, signaling a complex family rift over the iconic singer’s estate.

Antonia and Johanna Bennett are seeking equitable relief, urging for a thorough audit and inventory of the family trust. They demand detailed records such as receipts, disbursements, expenditures, and tax returns to gain clarity on their father’s financial affairs.

The ongoing saga unveils a tangled web of familial and financial intricacies following Tony Bennett’s passing last July at the age of 96. A beloved figure in American music, Bennett’s vast catalog and 19 Grammy wins highlight the stakes in the legal battle now unfolding among his closest kin.

Rachel Adams

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