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Top Cardiologist Accused of Sexual Harassment by Young Employee in Landmark Case



Top Cardiologist Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Young Employee In Landmark Case

One of Australia’s most esteemed cardiologists, Professor Chris Semsarian, is facing serious allegations of sexual harassment by a former employee, Jennifer de Jongh, in a groundbreaking case that has shocked the medical community. De Jongh, a young genetic counselor, has filed a Federal Court claim against Semsarian, detailing a disturbing pattern of behavior ranging from incessant text messaging to unwanted physical contact and unwelcome visits.

Professor Semsarian, a renowned figure in cardio-genetics and a key figure at the Centenary Institute, a prominent medical research organization affiliated with Sydney University and NSW Health, has denied the allegations and plans to vigorously defend himself against the claims brought forward by de Jongh.

Jennifer de Jongh alleges that the harassment began shortly after she joined the Centenary Institute in mid-2022 under Semsarian’s supervision. What started with seemingly innocent gestures like offering her lifts home and frequent coffee outings, escalated into a barrage of thousands of text messages exchanged over several months, with Semsarian displaying increasingly possessive and inappropriate behavior.

The statement of claim filed by de Jongh reveals a distressing timeline of events, including Semsarian’s repeated insistence on driving her home, late-night texts professing emotional attachment, and uninvited visits to her apartment, culminating in an incident where Semsarian allegedly touched de Jongh inappropriately during a car ride.

Despite de Jongh voicing her discomfort and attempting to set clear boundaries, Semsarian’s behavior reportedly intensified, with him continuing to shower her with unwelcome attention and gifts, such as expensive Apple AirPods, against her protests. The situation became so unbearable for de Jongh that she ultimately resigned from her position at the institute.

Following unsuccessful conciliation attempts, de Jongh is now seeking justice through legal channels, with her lawyer Hayden Stephens highlighting the lack of intervention or investigation from the Centenary Institute and NSW Health. Concerns have been raised about the institution’s handling of the matter, with colleagues and staff expressing frustration at the perceived lack of action against such serious allegations.

The case has sent shockwaves through the medical community, raising questions about power dynamics and workplace harassment in prestigious institutions. De Jongh’s bravery in coming forward with her story has sparked a larger conversation about the importance of addressing toxic workplace behavior and holding individuals in positions of authority accountable for their actions.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome of this landmark case could have far-reaching implications for how cases of sexual harassment are handled in professional settings, particularly in the field of healthcare and research.

Rachel Adams

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