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Tory Backbench Rebellion Looms Over Proposal to Criminalise Rough Sleeping



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The Conservative Party is currently facing a significant challenge from its backbenchers over a proposed measure to criminalize rough sleeping, particularly in the context of a crucial crime bill set for deliberation this year. The proposal, which seeks to empower authorities to penalize or relocate ‘nuisance’ rough sleepers, has sparked concerns of a potential rebellion within the party.

Reports indicate that a group of Conservative backbenchers have informed party whips of their intentions to vote against the controversial measures outlined in the bill. In response to the escalating situation, senior government sources have disclosed that discussions are underway with over 40 anticipated rebels to address their concerns before a scheduled vote.

This development has led to a level of unease within the government, with fears of a potential defeat if the proposal is put to a vote without sufficient amendments. A statement from one of the rebel MPs highlighted the government’s need to heed their stance on the issue, emphasizing their unwavering position.

Following the backlash, the government announced a ‘pause’ in the progress of the legislation to allow for ongoing negotiations with the dissenting backbenchers. The proposed bill aims to provide authorities with new powers to manage beggars, while also promoting the utilization of accommodation services and mental health support for individuals facing homelessness.

Notably, the measures in the bill include the creation of a new offense targeting criminal gangs involved in organizing begging networks. Additionally, individuals engaging in ‘nuisance on the street’, such as obstructing shop doorways or begging near cash points, would be subject to enforcement actions.

Various homelessness charities have expressed disappointment and concern over the potential consequences of the legislation, suggesting that instead of criminalizing homelessness, efforts should focus on prevention and support services for those at risk of rough sleeping.

Amidst the growing resistance to the proposed criminalization of rough sleeping, political dynamics are also evolving on other fronts. Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, has reignited calls for a referendum on the UK’s net zero climate target, challenging the stance taken by Conservative leader Rishi Sunak. The ongoing clash between Reform UK and the Tories signifies a shift in the political landscape as both parties vie for voter support in the upcoming elections.

With diverging views on crucial issues such as net zero, migration, and taxation, the political arena in the UK is witnessing heightened tensions. Reform UK’s pledge to address these policy areas through a referendum underscores the party’s commitment to engaging the public in critical decision-making processes.

The intricate interplay between government policies and opposition stances reflects a broader ideological struggle within the political sphere. As discussions unfold regarding the criminalization of rough sleeping and the future of climate targets, the public discourse on governance and societal issues continues to shape the trajectory of UK politics.

Rachel Adams

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