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The Toughest Wack Packer to Handle: Howard Stern Staffers Weigh In



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There has been an ongoing discussion within the Howard Stern Show staff regarding the most challenging Wack Packer to handle. This Tuesday, Howard tasked his team with sharing their personal experiences working with these eccentric characters.

Sal Governale, a staffer on the show, pointed to Sour Shoes as the top contender, describing him as a diva who is elusive and critical of the team’s efforts. Sal highlighted Sour Shoes’ reluctance to engage with the show’s activities, a behavior he finds frustrating.

Wolfie offered a different perspective, emphasizing the round-the-clock demands of managing Bigfoot, who has now enlisted him as his personal concierge and life coach. Wolfie described the relentless nature of Bigfoot’s calls, disrupting his sleep and leaving him constantly engaged.

Derek Jones, however, argued for Sour Shoes as the most challenging Wack Packer, citing his unpredictable behavior and constant technical issues during interactions. Derek likened dealing with Sour Shoes to trying to control a natural disaster, with little success in maintaining a structured communication.

Despite a compelling case made for Bigfoot by Memet Walker, a problematic call from Sour Shoes settled the debate for Howard. The host agreed with Derek’s assessment, acknowledging the chaotic nature of handling Sour Shoes’s whims and technical hurdles.

In a surprise appearance, long-absent Wack Packer Melrose Larry Green reached out to Howard after years of silence. Known for his antics on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Larry expressed his desire to rejoin the show, requesting to be referred to as Lawrence moving forward.

Howard humorously reminisced about Larry’s past contributions to the show, acknowledging his unique persona amidst the Wack Pack. Despite the name change request, Howard welcomed the return of the «blast from the past,» Melrose Larry Green.

Rachel Adams

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