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Tri-State Community Bands Together for Annual Feeding Our Families Food Drive



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NBC 4 New York / WNBC, Telemundo 47 / Stop & Shop, in collaboration with Stop & Shop, will be hosting the annual Feeding Our Families food drive on June 1st to benefit eight Tri-State food banks. The event aims to gather non-perishable food and personal hygiene items to support communities across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Nearly 200 Stop & Shop locations in the Tri-State area will serve as collection points from 8 AM to 6 PM on the designated day.

Throughout the years, the Feeding Our Families initiative has successfully collected over 520 tons of essential donations, including last year’s campaign. This year, the focus remains on gathering non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, and baby diapers, crucial for families in need.

To assist donors, a comprehensive shopping list featuring the most requested non-perishable items will be available. Additionally, volunteers will be present at Stop & Shop locations on June 1st to provide the list to shoppers and guide them in selecting suitable donations.

Eric Lerner, President and General Manager of NBC 4 New York, expressed the continuous commitment to fighting hunger in the Tri-State region. Lerner highlighted the importance of community support, especially during this critical period when food banks require assistance the most.

Telemundo 47’s President and General Manager, Cristina Schwarz, emphasized the timely nature of the Alimentando a Nuestras Familias food drive, acknowledging the financial challenges impacting local food banks due to rising costs. Schwarz encouraged viewers to partake in the event, underlining the significant impact a small donation can have on the lives of community members.

Stop & Shop’s involvement in the food drive aligns with its longstanding dedication to addressing hunger in the Tri-State area. In 2024 alone, Stop & Shop has contributed over $2 million in cash donations to the eight participating food banks. The brand’s School Food Pantry Program further extends support to over 230 school food pantries, including 130 within the Tri-State region.

Jennifer Barr, Director of External Communications and Community Relations at Stop & Shop, reiterated the collective effort to combat hunger, highlighting the impact of providing access to essential items for neighbors in need. The collaborative initiative between NBC 4 New York, Telemundo 47, and Stop & Shop underscores the significance of community unity in addressing social challenges.

Rachel Adams

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