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UGC NET June 2024 Exam Cancelled Amid Paper Leak Allegations



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Times News Global Featured Image

The Ministry of Education under the Government of India has announced the cancellation of the UGC NET June 2024 examination amidst allegations of paper leak. The decision to cancel the recently conducted exam was made in the wake of inputs received by the Home Ministry indicating paper leak during the examination process.

The National Testing Agency (NTA), which conducts exams like NEET and UGC NET, organized the UGC NET June 2024 exam in various cities across the country on June 18, 2024, in two shifts. However, the Ministry of Education took the step to cancel the exam to uphold the transparency and integrity of the examination process.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been assigned the task of investigating the UGC NET June 2024 examination to ensure that the highest standards of transparency in the examination process are maintained. The Ministry of Education is committed to conducting the exam with the utmost honesty and protecting the interests of the students.

The UGC NET examination, which caters to determining the eligibility of teachers in universities and colleges, is now set to be rescheduled following the cancellation of the previous exam due to alleged malpractices. The allegations of paper leak have raised concerns about the overall integrity and security of the examination process.

Concerns over the functioning of testing agencies like NTA have been highlighted after various irregularities and controversies surrounding national-level competitive exams. The involvement of rogue elements in organizing and conducting exams has raised questions about the reliability and credibility of the examination system in the country.

Amidst the cancellation of the UGC NET June 2024 exam and ongoing investigations by CBI, the Ministry of Education aims to take strict actions against any individuals or organizations found to be involved in the alleged malpractices. The upcoming rescheduled exam dates will be announced separately to ensure a fair and transparent examination procedure for all aspirants.

Rachel Adams

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