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Unforgettable Lapland Adventure: Beyond the Northern Lights



Times News Global Featured Image
Times News Global Featured Image

Arriving in the serene village of Kilpisjärvi, located in Lapland, Finland‘s northern region, I embarked on an extraordinary winter journey beyond the famed Northern Lights. The Arctic Land Adventure greeted me with its luxury glass igloo chalets, offering front-row seats to the dancing Aurora Borealis.

Post a night of celestial spectacle, I ventured to meet Nils Matti, a 12th-generation reindeer herder, at a snow-covered reindeer farm. Our snowmobile sleigh expedition unveiled the vast ‘white-white’ Arctic tundra, a sight nurtured by Nils Matti’s deep ancestral ties to the land.

Leaving the snowy plains of Kilpisjärvi, I embarked on a scenic drive to Levi, Finland’s vibrant ski resort hub. En route, a stop at the Jeris Lakeside Resort provided an unforgettable sauna experience with Northern Lights peering through the ‘Repo’ sauna’s windows.

Perched on Levi’s main ski fell, the Arctic Light Hotel offered majestic views over snow-laden landscapes. From downhill skiing lessons at the Snowboarding School Loki to exhilarating husky sled rides with All Huskies in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Levi was a haven for winter adventurers.

Immersing deeper into Lapland’s wonders, I spent nights at the SnowCastle of Kemi, a stunning ice and snow hotel, and the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, nestled in the snowy woodland. HaliPuu Forest’s unique tree-hugging experience added a serene touch, accompanied by gourmet delights at Restaurant Aanaar.

As my Lapland escapade concluded, a feast at the Sámi Cultural Centre introduced me to a traditional Lappish reindeer banquet, featuring reindeer specialties and cozy fire-warmed surroundings. The journey transcended mere sightseeing, offering a holistic exploration of Lapland’s pristine beauty and cultural heritage.

Rachel Adams

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