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Veteran Journalist JJ Tabane Sets the Record Straight on eNCA Suspension Rumors



Veteran journalist JJ Tabane recently addressed the swirling rumors regarding his status at eNCA, following the sudden absence of his show, Power to Truth, from the broadcast schedule this week. The speculation, sparked by eNCA’s social media post announcing the show’s temporary hiatus without providing a specific reason, led to various theories circulating among fans and followers.

On last week’s episode of Power to Truth, Tabane’s impassioned commentary on the government of national unity (GNU) stirred debate, particularly his poignant remarks on the lack of unity among black parties and the decades-long struggle for economic empowerment and land redistribution.

Tabane’s words, including the assertion that black empowerment initiatives have not made significant progress in the past 30 years, garnered attention from viewers. He criticized the lack of cohesion among black political parties and expressed frustration over the contentious issue of economic transformation, calling out the DA for its approach to empowering black South Africans.

In response to queries about his absence from the show, Tabane clarified his situation to TimesLIVE, stating that he is currently on sick leave and is expected to return to the show towards the end of July. This declaration dispelled rumors of a suspension or disciplinary action by eNCA, providing clarity to concerned viewers and followers.

Throughout the social media discussions surrounding Tabane’s absence, his loyal supporters voiced their admiration for his candid approach to addressing societal issues, with some commending him for fearlessly confronting complex topics and advocating for meaningful change.

Rachel Adams

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