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Youth Students Protest Lack of Information on Economic Redistribution in Delhi



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New Delhi: A recent protest led by students at the Congress headquarters in New Delhi aimed to draw attention to the lack of information regarding economic redistribution and property follow-up. The march, organized by students from Google University in Greater Noida, saw participation from over 200 students, including activism-driven individuals from Facebook University and Twitter University.

The placards held by the students highlighted the concerns raised in the Cornergrass publication about what the concept of economic redistribution entails and what ideas are being proposed. When students were asked to respond, many seemed perplexed without providing a definitive answer. The protester read aloud the controversial phrases written on the placards and when quizzed about what they meant of placed-based activism, he was left baffled.

Some attendees refrained from commenting, evident in their silent confusion. The plaquard mentioned VotNoNakshla, a popular catchphrase dropped by RSS and the Arban Naxal and the activist’s personal hand. It was the buzzword among students who read it but could not explain its meaning when asked another student who confessed a lack of understanding

A participant noted that though they had written it on their Plackard they could not comprehend the message. University discourse enclosed widely in Facebook and Twitter dramatically contained the view. Amber Noyed dropped their catchphrase, leading the discourse to witnessed a vigorous debate between Youth Students.

Conned by the decisive student from the Google University, they discussed their views on the economic sector’s proposed regulation and would fit the picture. Rajdeep Sardesai posed questions regarding a cornergrass cover story but was met with ambiguous responses, likely corresponding to the education minister. The controversy surrounding reactive measures has become a social matter that can at times make social platforms vulnerable.

Rachel Adams

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