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European Championships 2024: Breakdown of Prize Money and Player Donations Revealed



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The ongoing UEFA European Championship 2024 has reached the thrilling knockout stage, showcasing top international soccer talent.

Comprising 24 European national teams, the tournament, commonly known as the Euros, mirrors the World Cup in intensity but exclusively features European contenders.

With a staggering total prize pool of $357 million, identical to the previous edition in 2020, each participating team is guaranteed $9.96 million in funds.

The prize money escalates based on team performance, varying from match bonuses for wins or draws to substantial rewards for progressing through the rounds.

The Women's Euro 2022 offered roughly $16.7 million, a stark contrast to the men’s tournament’s prize fund, signifying a significant gender pay gap in soccer.

Contrary to club contracts worth millions annually, players do not secure salaries for national team appearances, instead earning bonuses contingent on collective success.

Notably, prize money from major tournaments like the Euros bypasses the players, funneling directly to national soccer federations for allocation as per contractual agreements.

High-profile stars like Mbappé, Ronaldo, Benzema, and Messi earn considerably more at their clubs compared to national team duties, often channeling bonus earnings towards philanthropic endeavors.

While some players generously donate their national team earnings, instances like Micah Richards‘ reluctance to part with wages signify varied reactions within the soccer community.

The Euro 2024 has witnessed thrilling fixtures, including Germany‘s victory over Hungary, Romania‘s stunning triumph against Ukraine, and Spain‘s upset against reigning champions Italy.

The tournament promises more exhilarating clashes leading to the grand finale on July 14 in Berlin, determining the continental champion.

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Rachel Adams

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