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Filmmaker Uche Nancy Acquires Multi-Million Naira Mansion, Actress Lizzy Gold Congratulates Her



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Filmmaker Uche Nancy, a prominent figure in Nollywood, recently made headlines as she purchased a luxurious mansion worth millions of naira. The filmmaker and award-winning actress celebrated the start of the new month with this impressive acquisition, showcasing her success and growth in the industry.

Actress Lizzy Gold, known for her roles in Nollywood productions, took to social media to congratulate Uche Nancy on her milestone. Sharing photos of the lavish mansion, Lizzy expressed awe at the beauty and grandeur of the house, emphasizing that it was even more stunning in person than in pictures. The interior shots of the mansion revealed its opulence and size, adding to the admiration for Uche’s achievement.

Lizzy Gold commended Uche Nancy, referring to her as a ‘woman king’ in recognition of her accomplishments. The supportive message from one industry peer to another highlighted the camaraderie and appreciation within the Nollywood community for significant milestones and successes.

In a separate entertainment development, popular actor Timini Egbuson stirred excitement among fans with a video featuring actress Bimbo Ademoye. The Snapchat video captured Bimbo’s unexpected early morning visit to Timini’s residence, sparking speculation and interest among followers of the actors.

The video depicted a casual interaction between Timini and Bimbo, showcasing their chemistry and camaraderie off-screen. Timini playfully referred to Bimbo as his ‘early morning guest,’ hinting at a close relationship between the two actors that intrigued their fans and followers.

Bimbo Ademoye’s impromptu appearance at Timini’s place, captured in the Snapchat video, brought a touch of spontaneity and fun to the actors’ social media presence. The exchange between Timini and Bimbo was lighthearted and engaging, further fueling curiosity and interest in the dynamic between the two talented performers.

Rachel Adams

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