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Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Elected Leader of Alberta NDP by Overwhelming Majority



Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Elected Leader Of Alberta Ndp By Overwhelming Majority

Former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has secured a decisive victory in the leadership race for the Alberta NDP, emerging as the new leader with an overwhelming majority.

The results, announced by the party’s chief returning officer, Amanda Freistadt, revealed that Nenshi received an impressive 86% of the total votes cast by party members. This victory marks a significant moment in Nenshi’s political career as he prepares to lead the Alberta NDP.

Throughout his speech following the announcement, Nenshi expressed gratitude for the broad support he received from Albertans and emphasized his commitment to living up to their expectations and aspirations.

The leadership campaign, which began on February 5th, saw seven contenders initially register, with four candidates remaining on the final ballot. Nenshi, who does not currently hold a seat in the legislature, stood out among the candidates, including former Notley government officials Sarah Hoffman and Kathleen Ganley.

In his address, Nenshi highlighted the challenges posed by Premier Danielle Smith and her government, criticizing their policies and outlining his vision for a progressive alternative that resonates with Albertans.

Following the announcement, Premier Danielle Smith extended congratulations to Nenshi on his victory and expressed excitement about future collaborations to serve the interests of Albertans effectively.

Despite his victory, Nenshi indicated that he is in no rush to seek a seat in the Alberta legislature, preferring to engage with voters across the province and focus on building a strong foundation for the Alberta NDP.

Nenshi’s win comes at a time of significant growth for the Alberta NDP, with a notable increase in party membership from 16,000 to over 85,000 during the leadership race, reflecting a growing demand for progressive leadership in the province.

As Nenshi takes the helm of the Alberta NDP, his leadership and vision are expected to shape the party’s direction leading up to the provincial election scheduled for October 2027.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nenshi’s leadership and the Alberta NDP’s future under his guidance.

Rachel Adams

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