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Hydro-Quebec Unveils Results of Dialogue on Action Plan 2035 and Commits to Over 40 Initiatives



Hydro Quebec Unveils Results Of Dialogue On Action Plan 2035 And Commits To Over 40 Initiatives

Hydro-Quebec has released a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes of its recent dialogue initiative aimed at soliciting input and suggestions to enhance its Action Plan 2035. The company’s discussions revealed a significant level of interest among Quebecers in shaping the future of energy in the province.

Following the dialogue sessions, Hydro-Quebec has identified key observations and has committed to implementing over 40 initiatives across various thematic areas, including social acceptability, transparency, service quality, energy efficiency, innovation, and environmental leadership.

In a statement, Michael Sabia, President and CEO of Hydro-Quebec, expressed gratitude to all the participants who contributed their ideas, aspirations, and concerns about the energy landscape. Sabia highlighted that the dialogue helped Hydro-Quebec gain valuable insights into the expectations of its stakeholders and customers, as well as the diverse regional realities across Quebec.

The Action Plan 2035 is viewed as a collaborative effort that aims to involve the public in driving key changes within Hydro-Quebec. The dialogue process has set a strong foundation for ongoing engagement with Quebecers, ensuring that their feedback informs the company’s strategies and actions moving forward.

Hydro-Quebec intends to continue the transparent and inclusive approach it adopted during the dialogue sessions to further engage with stakeholders and the public as it navigates the complex energy landscape in Quebec. The report, outlining the findings and commitments made, forms a crucial step in fostering a constructive relationship between Hydro-Quebec and its diverse stakeholders.

Rachel Adams

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