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John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Tie Knot in Private Ceremony



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Comedians John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have taken their relationship to the next level by tying the knot in a private ceremony.

The couple, who welcomed their son Malcolm in November 2021, exchanged vows in a small ceremony at a friend’s home in New York. The only attendees were their son and a witness.

Munn’s ‘The Newsroom‘ co-star Waterston officiated the wedding, adding a special touch to the intimate event.

The news was first reported by People magazine and later confirmed by representatives for Mulaney and Munn to USA TODAY.

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn first met at Seth Meyer‘s wedding in 2013 but began dating in Spring 2021, marking the beginning of their romantic journey.

Mulaney, who previously split from ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler in May 2021, shared details about his whirlwind romance with Munn, mentioning that they met after he left rehab in February.

During his recovery journey, Mulaney expressed gratitude for Munn’s support, humorously calling it a ‘reverse catch’ for her to date him at that time.

In a heartwarming revelation, Mulaney credited Munn and their baby, referred to as ‘Baby J‘, for helping him navigate his rehabilitation process and find newfound happiness.

A source revealed that the wedding took place over the weekend, more than two years after Mulaney and Munn welcomed their son Malcolm into the world.

Munn’s recent public battle with breast cancer, which led to multiple surgeries including a double mastectomy, added depth to their journey as a couple. However, Munn and Mulaney’s commitment to each other remained unwavering throughout the challenges.

The couple plans to expand their family in the future, as Munn recently underwent a hysterectomy and ovary removal due to cancer, but preserved viable embryos for future use.

Amid their personal struggles, Mulaney and Munn continue to demonstrate resilience and love, cherishing their private life while sharing moments of joy with their son and the world.

Rachel Adams

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