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Keir Starmer’s Jewish Family Settles into 10 Downing Street



Keir Starmer's Jewish Family Settles Into 10 Downing Street

After a resounding victory, Keir Starmer and his Jewish family are set to make history as they move into 10 Downing Street as the new residents of the official prime ministerial residence.

Victoria Starmer, a former solicitor and NHS worker, is a practicing Jew who keeps her family life intensely private. The Starmers are devoted to observing Friday night Shabbat dinners with their teenage children, maintaining their heritage and faith despite the new political responsibilities.

The family belongs to the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St Johns Wood, London. Keir Starmer had faced criticism from the Conservative Party for taking time off on Fridays to observe Shabbat, a practice he considers of great significance.

Keir Starmer has been vocal in confronting antisemitism in the UK and within the Labour Party. He has spoken out against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn‘s controversial statements and has vowed a zero-tolerance policy towards antisemitism within the party.

The Starmer family’s strong support for Israel has drawn protests and criticism from pro-Palestinian groups. Despite challenges, they remain committed to advocating for the safety and security of Israel while opposing unilateral actions like annexation of parts of the West Bank.

As the Starmers navigate their new role in the spotlight, they remain focused on preserving their family traditions and faith, including the cherished Friday night dinners that bring them together.

Rachel Adams

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