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Lost Tourist Found After Extensive Search Near Milford Track



Lost Tourist Found After Extensive Search Near Milford Track

A missing tourist who ventured near the iconic Milford Track has been successfully located after a thorough search operation in the rugged terrains of Dore Pass. The Belgian traveler, who went off track during a hike, was discovered in what authorities described as ‘unforgiving conditions’ in the Southland region.

The search and rescue mission, coordinated by Sergeant Alun Griffiths, involved teams from Southland and Fiordland Land Search and Rescue Groups, along with support from Southern Lakes Helicopters and a local boat charter company. The tourist had separated from his group while navigating through the challenging Dore Pass and failed to reunite on time, prompting the search efforts.

After a two-day operation, the lost tourist was eventually located at the Clinton Hut along the Milford Track, where he was found to have sustained a minor knee injury. He was swiftly transported to Te Anau for medical treatment, marking a fortunate outcome in a potentially hazardous situation.

Sergeant Alun Griffiths emphasized the importance of preparedness when engaging in alpine activities, citing the need for proper equipment, route-finding skills, and communication devices. He urged outdoor enthusiasts to adhere to safety measures such as registering intentions in hut books, informing others of their routes, and staying true to planned itineraries to avoid similar incidents.

Reflecting on the incident, Griffiths reiterated the unforgiving nature of the wilderness and cautioned against underestimating the risks associated with remote hiking expeditions. He highlighted the essential precautions that could prevent emergencies or tragic outcomes, emphasizing that responsible tramping practices are paramount when exploring the backcountry.

Rachel Adams

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