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Manhunt Ends: Suspect in Crossbow Killings of Three Women Found Near London



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British authorities have brought an end to a harrowing manhunt as the suspect linked to the tragic crossbow killings of three women in a property near London has been located. The incident, involving a crossbow and other weapons, shocked the community and authorities alike.

The victims, identified as family members of famed BBC racing commentator John Hunt, were discovered by Mr. Hunt himself upon returning home from work at the property in Bushey, North-West of London.

27-year-old Kyle Clifford, the prime suspect in the case, was found in the Enfield area of North London following the extensive manhunt conducted by Hertfordshire Police. Clifford, who is being treated for injuries, has not been charged as of yet, and authorities have clarified that no further suspects are being pursued at this time.

Addressing the press, Detective Inspector Justine Jenkins emphasized the gravity of the situation and the sensitivity required, affirming that the investigation, which is progressing swiftly, is ongoing. Formal identification of the victims is pending.

The incident, marked by the use of a crossbow and other weapons, prompted the deployment of armed police units and specialized search teams to locate the suspect. Reports indicated that the victims, aged 25, 28, and 61, were related to John Hunt, known for his coverage of prestigious events like the Grand National and The Derby.

Yvette Cooper, Britain’s new Home Secretary, expressed her shock and condolences, stating she is closely monitoring the evolving situation. The tragic loss of three lives in Bushey has cast a somber shadow over the community and beyond, echoing through various spheres.

No charges have been officially laid against Kyle Clifford yet, and the police have refrained from disclosing the nature of his injuries. Additionally, the Home Office has indicated that potential reassessments of crossbow regulations may be on the agenda after this appalling incident based on a recent review launched.


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