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NSW Premier Considers Ban on Music Festivals During Anzac Day as Retail Trading Restrictions Tighten



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Following the recent implementation of stricter trading restrictions in New South Wales during Anzac Day, Premier Chris Minns has hinted at the possibility of banning music festivals on this solemn occasion.

The Premier announced that major retailers, including supermarkets and fashion outlets, will now be required to remain closed until midnight on Anzac Day, as an effort to preserve the sanctity of the day and combat excessive commercialization.

While allowing activities like two-up games at pubs and clubs, Minns emphasized the importance of commemorating the service of veterans in spaces like RSL clubs or pubs, insinuating that music festivals may not align with the spirit of Anzac Day.

The Australian Festivals Association has strongly opposed any move to prohibit music festivals on Anzac Day, labeling it as an overreach and highlighting the cultural and community contributions of such events.

In response to the Premier’s remarks, the Association expressed a willingness to collaborate with the NSW government to ensure that festivals can coexist respectfully alongside commemorative events.

Minns’ statements come in the wake of a recent controversy surrounding a music festival scheduled on Anzac Day, which led to clashes with traditional Anzac Day March activities, prompting government intervention to reschedule the event.

Small businesses, exempt from the extended trading hours, will not be affected by the new restrictions, alongside markets, cafes, chemists, news agencies, and takeaway restaurants, while Anzac Day NRL matches will proceed as planned.

Chris Minns reiterated the government’s commitment to recognizing and honoring veterans on Anzac Day, emphasizing the significance of the occasion and the need to maintain traditions and respect for those who have served.

Rachel Adams

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